Local ONTARIO Branches/Groups
Blair Scottish Country Dance Group
RSCDS Kingston Branch
RSCDS Kitchener Waterloo Branch
RSCDS London Branch
Oakville Scottish Country Dance Group
RSCDS Toronto Branch
Trinity Scottish Country Dance Group, Toronto
Glenview Scottish Country Dance, Toronto
RSCDS St. Catharines Branch
RSCDS Windsor Branch
Burlington Branch
Other Branches/Groups
RSCDS Buffalo, New York Branch
RSCDS Montréal
Haliburton Highlands Scottish Country Dancers
RSCDS Ardbrae Dancers, Ottawa
RSCDS Ottawa Branch
RSCDS St. John's (Newfoundland) Branch
RSCDS Vancouver Branch
RSCDS Victoria Branch
RSCDS Boston Branch
RSCDS Cincinnati, Ohio Branch
RSCDS New York Branch
HQ and Other Dancing Interests
RSCDS Headquarters
TAC (Teachers' Association-Canada)
TACBooks - see TAC site for catalogue
TACSound - see TAC site for catalogue
Strathspey Server
The InterCity Scot Online
Minicrib - List of dance briefs.
List of SCD groups around the world
The Scottish Banner: - the world's largest international Scottish newspaper
Scottish Country Dancing Supplies
James Senior of St Andrews - Scotland's leading makers of SCD Shoes
Burnett's & Struth Scottish Regalia - Canada's premier supplier of Scottish regalia
Scottish Country Dancing Definitions/Instructions/Videos
Scottish Country Dance Dictionary
- Extensive set of Definitions for Scottish Country Dance terms with instructions and video links for hundreds of dances.
Dances Held In Scotland
Alasdair Graham's Very comprehensive list of dances held in Scotland.
- Travellers - helps to include dances in your travel plans.